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Final Supernatural Season One Re-Watch Thoughts

1. In Provenance we learn some historical facts (or "facts"?): When a child died sometimes their favorite toy would be preserved in a glass case, and sometimes a doll's hair would be made from the hair of the child the doll belonged to. I'm assuming this is not true, and was simply invented for storytelling purposes? Or did SPN give us an actual history lesson there?

2. I must be getting tougher. When I first watched Supernatural, Bloody Mary and Provenance scared the hell out of me. Now they aren't so bad.

3. In Dead Man's Blood, Dean, for the first time, joins Sam in standing up to John (and is startled when John says he's right). The brothers' time hunting together seems to have changed him. And I realized: this is probably the first time Dean and Sam did any extensive hunting together, just the two of them. John left them alone a lot growing up, but they weren't hunting. In the pilot, Sam is surprised that John "let" twenty-six-year-old Dean hunt alone. So I think their hunts together in season one really are a first for the two of them.

4. In Devil's Trap, Dean figures out John is possessed because "John" wasn't mad at him for "wasting" a bullet to save Sam. Yet John himself did that same thing in Dead Man's Blood, used a bullet to save Sam. I'm not sure what to make of all that.

5. John was shot in the leg in Devil's Trap. I seem to recall him walking in In My Time of Dying. How did he manage that?
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