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More Supernatural Re-Watch Thoughts

I just finished re-watching Bugs, and have a few thoughts on the past few episodes:

1. I really hate hate HATE when fans use Sam not telling Dean about his visions as an example of Sam being dishonest. Honesty does not require telling your family member everything about yourself. Sam's little speech at the end of Bloody Mary is an excellent example of setting healthy boundaries. And when the visions finally do became relevant to Dean, in Home, Sam is pretty quick to tell him.

Have a secret != lying. Sam's treatment of Jessica is definitely an example of lying and withholding information that was relevant to her; his treatment of Dean in S1 is absolutely not.

2. Watching Skin in particular, it strikes me how Dean is really working Sam, persistently but never forcefully, trying to get Sam back to hunting permanently and the family back together.

3. Watching these episodes, it also strikes me how much both brothers respect their father. When Jerry on Phantom traveler say that having Sam and not John is an "even trade", Same replies, "Not by a long shot." Sam outright says he respected John in Bugs. Don't get me wrong, I'll never forgive John Winchester for Something Wicked - but it is clear in season one that John is a complex character and a complex father, something that sometimes gets lost in fandom and later seasons.
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