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When Were Smushed Pairing Names Invented?

I am reading The Warburgs by Ron Chernow. Ron Chernow is most famous for writing the Hamilton biography that inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical. The Warburgs, written a decade earlier, tells the multigenerational (very true) story of a Jewish-German family of bankers.

And, well. Apparently the Warburgs had something in common with fandom.

From the book:

Max and Alice married [in 1899] after a three-month courtship and then honeymooned in Italy. In Warburg jargon, they took on the splendid composite name of "Malice," just as Paul and Nina became "Panina" and Felix and Frieda "Friedaflix."

Chernow then proceeds to frequently refer to the various couples by their smushed names.
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