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BtVS/AtS: It's Very New...I Trust Him

Just finished re-watching Sanctuary, and what Buffy has to say about her relationship with Riley struck me: "I have someone in my life now. That I love. It's not what you and I had. It's very new. You know what makes it new? I trust him. I know him."

I'm sure I've said variations on this before, but it is worth saying again: Something that Riley (and some fans) never, even realize is that in rebounding from Angel, Buffy is not just rebounding from a great love. She's rebounding from an abusive relationship. Riley never gets that (note that he is upset when Dawn tells him Buffy cried more when she was with Angel). For her part, Buffy is so eager to see Riley as a guy who won't hurt her, that she misses the fact that he does have the capacity to cause her pain.
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