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More Inconsistencies Between s2 and Later Seasons

So, in Reading is Fundamental, the Meg demon explains what she's about: "Look, I'm simpler than you think. I've figured one thing out about this world – just one, pretty much. You find a cause, and you serve it. Give yourself over, and it orders your life. Lucifer and Yellow Eyes – their mission was it for me."

But that's not true. In Born Under a Bad Sign, the Meg demon laughs at the idea that she might be motivated by a cause: "You really think that's what this is about? The master plan? I don't give a rat's ass about the master plan."

I also like the in BUaBS, the Meg demon rejects the name "Meg". It never made sense to me that she would have any attachment to that name.

Then again, I never did like Rachel Miner Meg. I like the actress well enough, but not as Meg.
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