itsnotmymind (itsnotmymind) wrote,

Siblings Left Behind

It struck me recently that the children's books From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and A Wrinkle in Time have something in common: both follow the adventures of two children from a family four. Each family has two other children don't get to go on the adventures. I assume it's a matter of realism combined with needing a limited cast - in the 1960s middle-class American families typically had about four children, but four siblings is a lot to balance if you want every character be fully realized.

Naturally, the movie A Wrinkle in Time dropped the extra siblings all together. Which is a shame, because Sandy and Dennys star in a later book, Many Waters, that I remember having a soft spot for. Biblical fanfiction, yay!
Tags: a wrinkle in time, from the mixed-up files of mrs. basil e.

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