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Meme from kikimay

Ship asks (Ask me anything)

what is your absolute favorite ship?

what ship do you hate most?

what was your first ship, and what fandom is it from?

explain why do/don’t ship [pairing]

how did you start shipping [pairing]?

is there a ship that you used to ship, but don’t anymore?

what’s a ship you like that most people don’t?

what’s a ship you hate that most people like?

what is the most underrated ship, in your opinion?

what is the most overrated ship, in your opinion?

do you prefer [pairing] as an otp, brotp, or notp?

why do you think [pairing] is so popular?

why do you think [pairing] isn’t popular?

rate [pairing] from 1-10 and explain why

what’s your favorite headcanon of [pairing]?

what’s your favorite canon moment of [pairing]?

favorite AU ideas for [pairing]?

rant about [pairing]

what’s a meme/quote that reminds you of [pairing]?

what song(s) remind you of [pairing]?

what kind of dates do you think [pairing] would go on?

realistically, do you think [non-canon pairing] will ever be canon? why or why not?

have you ever written fanfiction/drawn fanart of [pairing]? would you consider it?

any other questions?
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