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Willow - Wrong Feelings About Guys

I've written previously about the argument that Willow must be a lesbian because she says so, and that it's wrong to speculate that her sexual orientation is different than what she says it is. I once saw one fan dismiss arguments that Willow is bisexual as just being based on her having "touched a penis" a couple of times - as if Willow's relationship with Oz could be summarized as a couple one-night stands.

I've been re-watching Wild At Heart, and early on Willow declares, "I mean, I have wrong feelings about other guys sometimes, but I feel guilty, and I flog and punish." The first four seasons are littered with examples of Willow's attraction to men. Can you fanwank them away to say that Willow was always a lesbian? Sure. But it's just as much of a fanwank, if not more, than to say that Willow is equally attracted to men, and for whatever reason chose to mislabel herself as a lesbian.
Tags: btvs

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