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SPN: Ways of Ghosts

I really hate Of Grave Importance. Not just because it's a Bobby-centric episode, but it because it does for ghosts what season five did for death: Takes away the mystery in a truly uncompelling way. We fully see the point of view of a group of self-aware ghosts, and…they are just like people. Boring people, at that. Nothing alien at all.

We'd seen humanized ghosts before, of course. There was Cole in Death Takes a Holiday, and even further back Molly in Roadkill. But with those two, there was still an element of mystery about what they were, about what would become of them. Bobby becomes a ghost and he’s just…annoying. Not haunted or haunting.

It would be interesting to see ghosts who were truly mad…not just occasionally out-of-control, the way Bobby is, but a bit insane. Struggling to communicate with the human world not just because their powers are limited, but because their thinking is confused by death.

Wouldn’t it be great If Bobby were something other than his usual blah self turned only invisible? I like the idea of Annie, but Of Grave Importance is so dull.
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