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Oz's Non-Victim Blaming Response to Willow's Self Blame - New Moon Rising

There's an exchange of dialogue between Oz and Willow at the end of New Moon Rising that I particularly like:

OZ: I mean, it turns out... the one thing that brings it out in me is you... which falls under the
heading of ironic in my book.
WILLOW: It was my fault. I upset you.
OZ: Well, so we're safe then, cause you'll never do that again.

What I love about this exchange is how neatly Oz counters Willow's self-victim blaming. I like that Oz doesn't dismiss Willow's active role in the events leading to the wolf's transition, going so over-the-top in trying to avoid victim blaming (as people often do) that he ends up endorsing it by implication. For example, if he had insisted that Willow's actions had nothing to do with Oz's transition to wolf, leaving the unintended implication that if her actions did (as they do), she would share responsibility. Instead, Oz just succinctly points out that Willow upsetting him is a normal part of a relationship, while his turning into a wolf is self-evidently not.
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