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I Don't Watch Doctor Who These Days, But...

...I saw this from two different people on my flist and had to comment.

First of all, she's too young, but I know a lot of Doctors these days are young, so that has nothing to do with gender. Other than that, she looks AWESOME, and I'm very happy for the Doctor Who watchers on my flist.

I read this article. It's cool to see the positive responses on Twitter from the actors who played previous companions.

But I made the mistake of clicking on the link to the twitter of the (female) self-described "feminist" who thought having a female Doctor was "trying too hard to tick the boxes". One of the people who agrees with her argues that story-telling should come first and wondering, "Why does it matter that Dr is male?" The original post states that having a female Doctor is "simply just for political points".

We've seen all of one brief clip of the new Doctor and already people have concluded the only possible reason Jodie Whittaker could have been chosen is for her girlparts. From so-called "feminists". Wow.

I'm excited enough by the concept of a female Doctor that I briefly considered checking out her first episodes, but I realized on reflection that it matters more to the fans and creators than to the character. I don't see gender as deeply important to the Doctor's character. I would actually consider the age of the actor as more important to my conception of the Doctor than the gender. So while I'm pleased about it, it doesn't make me more motivated to watch. I know the Doctor's gender won't make the episodes more interesting or appealing to me, and I just have difficulty getting into Doctor Who and always have.

But still. It's exciting! And I'm happy for the fans. :)
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