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Book Meme from rogueslayer452

Hardback or Paperback: Either. Hardbacks that are too large are bulky and awkward. Paperbacks that are too small don't stay open easily. But usually they are both fine.

Borrow or Buy: Borrow. I don't have room in my apartment for all the books I want to read, and I still have plenty of books that I left behind at my parents' house.

Fantasy or Scifi: Fantasy.

Love Triangle or Love At First Sight: Love triangle. Most love triangles are stupid, but I really like the concept. My ideal love triangles are those that are more complicated than: "A has to choose between B and C". So maybe A is also afraid that B and C will be attracted to each other, and run off together. Or maybe A and B are in an established relationship, and C wants A, but instead of trying to win over A they try to win over B to get at A. Or maybe A and B are in an established relationship and C wants both of them. Or maybe A and B have an established romantic relationship, and A and C have an intense but technically platonic relationship, and this leads to tension. The possibilities are endless if you think outside the box. Whereas I am highly skeptical of the concept of love at first sight, and don't find it appealing or relatable.

Wall Shelves or Bookcases: OMG, is walls shelves a thing? I want them, STAT. Sounds much better than a bookcase. Of course, the downside is they can't be moved. Which would be inconvenient (what if I needed to move my bookcase to make room for my piano?). But they sound so cool! When I am rich I will have wall shelves.

Bad Plot With Good Characters or Good Plot With Bad Characters: Bad plot with good characters. I'm honestly not sure what a good plot with bad characters would look like. For me, characters drive a story. If I can't believe the characters, I can't believe their actions. If I can't believe their actions, I can't believe the plot.

Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: I've only read Potter.

Booklr or Bookstagram: Not familiar with either. Although "booklr" sounds like "tumblr" so I hate it on principle.

Contemporaries or Fantasy: Fantasy. Though I don't read much fiction today. I get my fiction outlet through TV and mostly read non-fiction. I note this meme has a strong fiction bias.

English Books or Books In Your Native Language: Both, because English is my native language.

Buy In Bookshop or Buy Online: These days I buy more online. I used to browse bookstores, but now when I buy a book I know exactly what I want ahead of time, and online is more convenient that way.

Amazon or Book Depository: Amazon.

Buy Because Of The Cover or Buy Because Of The Description: Description. However, if I'm browsing the library the first thing to catch my eye will be the spine: Both the title and design. But if I decide to check it out it will be based on the description.

Alphabetical Shelves or Color Coordinated: People organize their bookshelves? I am learning so much from this meme.

Different Sized Books or Matching Sizes: Don't care. Although it would be nice if all my books actually fit on my shelves. I know that is a lot to ask out of life.

Wait To Marathon A Series or Read As They're Released: I mostly red non-fiction these days, so not so much with the series. When I do read fiction it's more likely to be fiction that's around for a bit. When I did read a lot of fiction I read as they were released.

Movie or TV Adaptations: Quality matters more to me than format. I suspect that some books may be more suited to one or the other medium.

Zombies or Vampires: Vampires, because they have more personality.

Reading Indoors or Outdoors: I love reading outdoors, but I don't do it too often. These days I read in little bursts, a few pages at a time. It would not be worth my time to take my book outdoors.

Coffee or Tea: Tea. What does this have to do with books?

Bookmarks or Random Things To Mark Your Page: I'm using a bookmark for one of my books because a friend lent it to me, and there was a bookmark in it. The bookmark is skinny and annoying. I take out a lot of books from the library. If I put them on hold, they come with a piece of paper that was put in them to mark them as on hold. When I check them out, I can get a receipt if I so choose. Those are my bookmarks. I store them up.

Dog-Earing or Bookmarks: I can't believe people dog-ear books. How is that even a thing? I usually don't like just remembering my place, but anything would be better than dog-earing. Why would you deliberately damage a book?

Be Your Favorite Character or Be Their Best Friend: When I'm reading the book I usually imagine myself as the main character.

Physical or E-Book: I prefer physical, but I read both.

Read In Bed or On A Chair: Wherever is most comfortable and convenient. I mostly read on my sofa these days.

Audiobook or E-Book: Audiobooks.

Series or Stand-Alones: I don't read too much fiction these days. But for me it's quality that matters, not the number of books.

Reading In The Winter or Reading In The Summer: Unless I'm reading outdoors, I don't care.
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