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Do Jessica and Trish Consider Themselves Sisters?

This was a question I started asking myself as soon as I saw Jessica Jones, and here is the answer I have formed:


Jessica is clearly not Dorothy's daughter. Dorothy made every effort to make it clear that Jessica was not family. Jessica refers to her as “mom” once, sarcastically. Maybe if Dorothy had reached out to her, she would have accepted it. Maybe she wished the woman had. But Dorothy was not that kind of person.

But I think Jess and Trish are.

Jessica and Trish usually use the phrase “best friend” to describe each other. They never refer to the other as a "sister".

But Kilgrave does.

Kilgrave learned about Trish from Jessica, from a Jessica who was forced to share her true thoughts and feelings with him. So I can't help but think that Jessica does consider Trish her sister - she just doesn't say as much to Trish herself. And I think the same is true from Trish's perspective. They are a little uncertain in their relationship. Admitting to feelings of sisterhood would be hard. But I think they each privately consider the other a sister. And so I think they are sisters.

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