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Vampire's Great-Grandkids

There’s that moment in Citizen Fang when Dean references Benny’s granddaughter. He’s explaining why Benny wouldn’t kill, giving several reasons, none of which involve Benny have any moral, ethical, or empathy-related reason not to kill human beings. Dean tells Sam and Martin that vampires kill on the outskirts of towns, “Not in the cafés that they work in with their great-grandkids.”

(The "Vampires pick people off from the outskirts of town" argument is questionable, as even if Dean is right, they are still discussing vamp kills.)

And he looks at Sam when he says this.

Now, watching this the first time through, I was too busy being pissed-off on Sam’s behalf to think about what was going on in Dean’s head. But what was going on in Dean’s head? He seems like he’s trying to appeal to Sam. You know, you care about monsters and their families and their monster lives. Care about this one?

But he must have known. Monsters with progeny they love and Sam connecting with them is not something that’s happened that often. Maybe not ever.

Except that once.

What was Dean thinking in invoking the ghost of Amy Pond? He knew, from Southern Comfort, that this was still an open wound for Sam. It’s like, “Hey, remember that time your friend killed to save her son and I went behind your back and killed her? Well, my friend loves his great-granddaughter just like yours loved her son!” Even worse if Sam knows that Jacob was present when Dean killed Amy, and that it’s a fact that Benny has killed in the past.

Remember, when Sam brought up Amy in Southern Comfort, Dean did not try to claim that Benny was different. And in this scene, he seems to be trying to communicate to Sam that Benny is like Amy. What was he aiming for there?

I wonder if Dean is deliberately trying to rile Sam while appearing to be perfectly reasonable.

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