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Thoughts on Revelations

I have been doing a Faith rewatch of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and Angel the Series). I've just finished Revelations, and have thoughts:

1. Gwendolyn Post is really cool. And so good for Faith! I kind of wish she had been for real, even if it would have complicated evil Faith arc and left us Wesley-less.

2. I'm not quite sold on Buffy and Faith's buddy/buddy relationship. They were starting to hit it off at the end of Faith, Hope, and Tricks, but the "we're dating" joke and how casually comfortable they are with each other still seems a little out of the blue.

3. I don't want to hate on other people's ships, but Buffy/Angel still have anti-chemistry to me (until the Yoko Factor and after - then I like their dynamic as exes).

4. Note that Faith responds positively to the idea of her watcher being very bossy. Faith-the-rebel secretly craves order. I wonder what her first watcher was like.

5. I 100% understand why Faith turned down Buffy's offer of friendship at the end. When Faith pushed Buffy for information about Angel early on, Buffy turned her down. Buffy has spent much of their friendship keeping Angel's survival a secret. Faith has lied to Buffy, too (hello, Kakistos!), but that doesn't change the fact that Buffy's offer of friendship is one-sided. Faith trusts Buffy. Buffy doesn't trust Faith.

6. I'm okay with the clothing fluke. It's silly, but it's okay. Guilt-ridden Willow is entertaining, anyway.

7. I am 100% on the Scoobies' side during their confrontation with Buffy. She wronged them deeply, especially Giles. Xander, on the other hand, crossed a line in telling all to Faith and encouraging her to kill Angel. Angel's death should not have been his decision. Faith should not have found out like that.
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