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11 reasons why Dr. Owen Harper is awesome

Eleven reason why Dr. Owen Harper is my favorite character on Torchwood (spoilers through S2):

  1. Because he gets the best lines in the first season (or series, whatever they call it in Britain).
  2. Because he held a knife to a man’s throat and wanted to kill him, but automatically went into doctor mode and tried to help him when the man was actually injured.
  3. Because he sees sex as a means to status.
  4. Because when he finally did fall in love, it was with a time-displaced female pilot who thought women should be treated better than men and had commitment issues to rival Owen’s own.
  5. Because he probably was more fond of Jack than he was of anyone else at that time, and he shot Jack once in the head and twice in the chest.
  6. Because he spent his life being violent and self-destructive, but died trying to talk a man much like himself out of committing murder.
  7. Because he didn’t figure out how to be a good person until it was almost too late, and he was already dead.
  8. Because once he did figure out how to be a good person, he talked a woman out of killing herself and got a glowy singing alien rock! I want a glowy singing alien rock!
  9. Because he never entirely stopped wanting to die.
  10. Because he stopped screaming when Tosh started crying.
  11. Because despite his initial anger and defiance, he ultimately met his death with acceptance, reassuring Tosh (whom he didn’t know was also dying) that it was going to be all right.
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