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Malcolm (Jessica Jones)

Someone online was talking about how their original reaction to Malcolm was upset that the JJ writers were going for that stereotype of a black man, the drug addicted criminal. And I get it, I think I do, anyway. Race is…stereotypes are…this crap is harmful, and even a well-done version of a stereotype…it’s complicated and difficult.

But I really loved Malcolm even before we found out what Kilgrave had done to him. He’s just…the best way I can put it is that he's a good guy. You can see it. I like the scene in the elevator when Jessica tells him she needs money, not expecting him to give it to her, of course, because he has none. And he offers his TV set. His stolen TV set. He has nothing to offer her. He has nothing. He’s a complete and total loser. But by offering his TV set, he is giving her something else. A sort of emotional support. It’s funny, in a way, almost a joke to cheer someone up. And while I don’t think he actually expects her to take him up on it, I think it is a genuine offer. He would give her what she needed, even if it took something away from him. He doesn’t know her that well. But they have a bond. And his compassion, the compassion that his drug addiction keeps him from being fully able to express, is a factor in that.

It’s not like Malcolm the social worker, Malcolm the guy who tries to help Kilgrave’s victims in any way he can, through non-violent means, Malcolm the guy who ends the season by answering Jessica’s phone and saying, “How can we help?”, it’s not like that guy came out of nowhere.
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