itsnotmymind (itsnotmymind) wrote,

Rewatching Cyberwoman

I'm rewatching Torchwood season one for the first time in several years. I'm half an hour into Cyberwoman, and have some thoughts:

1. S1 has been better than I remembered so far...but not Cyberwoman. I think I'm going to walk away with my same opinion: Worst TV episode that I have ever watched in full.

2. Watching the episode, Eve Myles is so much more talented than Gareth David Lloyd that it grates.

3. Lisa's revealing outfit is unnecessary and gross. The way doctor inappropriate feeling up of her is unbelievably unnecessary and gross.

4. Ianto and Lisa have no chemistry. None at all. The episode would have a shot at being decent if they had chemistry.

5. Ianto does have a bit of chemistry with Jack - and I'm convinced they're already sleeping together. Jack has a gun to Ianto's head demanding to know why Ianto put them all in huge danger. Ianto retorts by accusing Jack of not caring about him on a personal level - and Jack is moved enough by this to put the gun away. They must have been sleeping together. Exchange doesn't make sense to me otherwise.

6. We get no sense of Lisa as a person. I recall being irritated at fandom for usually only caring about Lisa in terms of how she affected Ianto's relationship with Jack...but I can kinda get where they are coming from.
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