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Username Music Meme

From multiple people. One song for each letter of my bizarre and ridiculous and rather long username.

I Am the Walrus. The youtube version linked is pretty lousy, but given that it's a Beatles song I'm surprised it's on Youtube at all. A fantastically weird song that I have lots of positive personal associations with.

Total Eclipse of the Heart. But only when sung by Carly Smithson. She was on American Idol one year--made sixth place, I believe--and it happened to be the only year that I ever paid any attention to American Idol. I adored her. Her version of this song is incredible.

Something in the Way She Moves. The first line of George Harrison's song "Something" was taken from this James Taylor piece. Not as good as Harrison's piece, perhaps, but still a quiet yet powerful long song that deserves more attention than it gets.

No Way To Stop It. A song from The Sound of Music that didn't make the film. It also happens to be my favorite Sound of Music song, period. Max and the Baroness try to convince Captain von Trapp that he ought to cooperate with the Nazis.

The Only Living Boy in New York. My favorite Simon and Garfunkel song. Since there was a period when I would listen to Simon and Garfunkel every single day, almost non-stop, this is a meaningful statement.

Tell Her About It. Upbeat and fun. Billy Joel giving romantic advice from the wisdom of his mistakes. It makes me think about various relationships in my various fandoms.

Mother Nature. An enjoyable song by Don McClean, most famous for writing and recording American Pie. I'm not sure if Mother Nature was ever officially released. It's a bonus track on a reissue of the album American Pie.

You've Got a Friend. Once upon a time there was a radio station for kids called Radio AAHS. My sister and I would listen to it, at night, while trying to go to sleep. I would get scared at night. There were monsters in my closet. I remember this song coming on--I'm not sure if it was Carole King singing, or another woman, but I know it was a woman. I listened to the song and felt like she was singing specifically to me, and I was reassured.

Then Radio Disney drove Radio AAHS out of business with their own radio station for children, using their money and influence to make up for a distinct lack of quality. But that's another story.

My Number. Tegan and Sara are among the many artists I discovered via fanvids. Specifically, Heresluck's Faith vids. My Number is not a song that heresluck used in any of her vids, but I'm so glad I discovered it because it is fantastic.

In Real Life. Sad little song about having a broken heart.

Now and Then. A haunting unfinished work by John Lennon.

Drops of Jupiter. My favorite Train song. Not that this is saying much, but it's actually a great song. This song reminds me of The Only Living Boy in New York above--letting someone go, knowing they will come back.
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