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In an Infinite Circle

I rewatched Jessica Jones. Still awesome.

A few quick thoughts on Robyn and Ruben:

On first watch, I though Ruben was annoying. I still think he's annoying--but it struck me that most of what he says actually makes a lot of sense. It's just his manner and the way he says them that's off-putting. The world is not kind to weird people.

Robyn is even harder to like, because she not only is so weird but has a real mean streak. On both first and second watch I found the scene where she rallies the support group people to attack Jessica silly and hard to believe. She's acknowledged within the show as having a charisma score of -4,534,543,532 (I didn't make up that number! It was carefully calculated.). And yet she can fire up all these people to something that ridiculous? Didn't work for me.
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