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Continuation of previous post

I was thinking about my previous post, where I talked about how it bothers me when some characters get bashed, and not others, and how there seems to be little connection between how much I like the character in question and how much seeing bashing of that character annoys me. It occurred that me that how much it bothers me might be dependent on how the character him or herself likes to be perceived. Owen (Torchwood) and Willow (BtVS) want to be seen as badass, so it doesn't bother me when fans vilify them. Riley (BtVS), Buffy (BtVS), and Gwen (Torchwood) all want first and foremost to be seen as good guys, so I get annoyed when they receive unfair criticism. Newly souled S7 Spike is the Spike who is least interested in appearing badass, so that is the incarnation of Spike I get most defensive of.

What about you? Do you find yourself getting more defensive of some characters than others, even if they aren't your favorites?
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