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Angels With Dirty Faces Icons

Not exactly back, but creating icons and sharing them is one of my joys. Given that these icons are from a somewhat obscure 1938 James Cagney gangster flick, I doubt that many people will appreciate them, but I still want to share. Feel free to take--just credit and comment.

1. AWDFElectricChairApparatus001 2. AWDFJerry010 3. AWDFJerry013 4. AWDFJerry021 5. AWDFNewspaper002 6. AWDFRocky008 7. AWDFRocky015 8. AWDFRocky026 9. AWDFRocky031 10. AWDFRocky047
11. AWDFRocky063 12. AWDFRocky065 13. AWDFRockyFrazier004 14. AWDFRockyJerry002 15. AWDFRockyJerry013
16. AWDFRockyJerry017 17. AWDFRockyLaurie001

Tags: awdf, icons

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