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Angels With Dirty Faces Icons

Not exactly back, but creating icons and sharing them is one of my joys. Given that these icons are from a somewhat obscure 1938 James Cagney gangster flick, I doubt that many people will appreciate them, but I still want to share. Feel free to take--just credit and comment.

1.  photo AWDFElectricChairApparatus001_zpslfpcqdoy.png 2.  photo AWDFJerry010_zpsom5yqggb.png 3.  photo AWDFJerry012_zpsnc2v9tyl.png 4.  photo AWDFJerry021_zpshevrf53j.png 5.  photo AWDFNewspaper002_zpswjnksezy.png 6.  photo AWDFRocky008_zps0xrzmh8n.png 7.  photo AWDFRocky015_zpsxep5rs6q.png 8.  photo AWDFRocky026_zpsrylizhvn.png 9.  photo AWDFRocky031_zpsuwdaahsb.png 10.  photo AWDFRocky047_zps53lquhmx.png
11.  photo AWDFRocky063_zpsvpieuxcb.png 12.  photo AWDFRocky065_zps494cossr.png 13.  photo AWDFRockyFrazier004_zpsomvazidr.png 14.  photo AWDFRockyJerry002_zpsyzieviif.png 15.  photo AWDFRockyJerry013_zpsucwxwzdj.png
16.  photo AWDFRockyJerry017_zpsuxhqjywy.png 17.  photo AWDFRockyLaurie001_zpsa8w71ik7.png

Tags: awdf, icons

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