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My Fanfiction

My fanfiction


Trust Me
Why Paul McCartney scares me

Anyway, You'll Never Know the Many Ways I've Tried
Because I think Paul McCartney did sign off on Phil Spector's production of Let It Be

A Moment in 1974
Just a moment

Broken Glass
In a hotel room in America in 1964, Paul McCartney has a dream

Such an Idiot
George's reaction to Paul's Beatles' breakup announcement - and John's

Everyone's Saying It
The real reason George quit during the Let It Be sessions

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Going With Vampires
Riley doesn't go with vampires


Not Just Some Murderer
Amy Pond's history of killing people

Little Star
Jacob Pond has someone he can to go to

A Little Unwell
"Look, he called me when he got out, okay, asked if I had anything for him that might help him ease back into the game. He seemed okay – mostly – so I said yes." - Sam, Citizen Fang

Had a Bad Day
Martin Creaser's story - or parts of it


The Evening After
Tosh after Mary

Christmas After Tommy
Tosh remembering Tommy, Owen being surprisingly sensitive

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