itsnotmymind (itsnotmymind) wrote,

Angel the Series Icons

23 AtS icons beneath the cut, mostly from season 5.

1. AtSAndrew001 2. AtSAngel001 3. AtSAngel002 4. AtSAngelHoltz001 5. AtSAnne001 6. AtSConnor002 7. AtSCordelia001 8. AtSDana001 9. AtSDrusilla001 10. AtSDrusilla002 11. AtSDana002 12. AtSGunn004 13. AtSHarmony001 14. AtSGunn002 15. AtSGunn003 16. AtSIllyria001 17. AtSLorne002 18. AtSLorne001 19. AtSSpike003 20. AtSWesley001 21. AtSSpike001 22. AtSSpike002 23. AtSWesley002
Tags: ats, icons

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