March 2nd, 2021

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Twilight: Bella's Self-Loathing

I read the first Twilight book years ago. I spent the first half of the book thinking, Meyer can't be serious about this. I spent the second half of the book thinking, I think she's serious about this.

I enjoyed it, in the way one enjoys something that is terrible. I enjoyed it, but not enough to read any of the sequels.

However the reality is that it was very popular with many people, and I often try to think about why.

Something that doesn’t get talked about very much is this: Self-loathing.

Bella is very self-loathing character. Much of the book's first person narrative is her putting herself down. She and Edward both bemoan their stupidity for being in love with each other.

So I wonder, why is that so appealing to people? Or at least girls and women?