January 5th, 2017

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...Who Tortured Souls in Hell

Something of a continuation of this

I remember, when I first watched On the Head of a Pin, when Alastair described Dean as a righteous man and Castiel confirmed it, I disagreed. I did not think Dean was righteous. I don't remember quite why I thought that - perhaps I was influenced by reading other fan's journals, people who were so upset by Dean's increased use of misogynist slurs that some of them said that didn't feel sorry for him going to hell because of it. Which, okay. I am no fan of misogynist slurs and completely down with being upset by them. And at the end of the day, people feel what they feel. But let's put that in the context of being tortured in hell until you become a demon.

Nonetheless, I did not think Dean was a righteous man. And I still don't. I'm not sure that's a title anyone deserves.

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