October 23rd, 2016


On the Subject of Fictional Characters I Love Far More Than Is Fair or Reasonable

S7 Sam cracks me up.

"First I got addicted to demon blood and screwed up and started the apocalypse so then I sacrificed myself to save the day and was tortured in Hell by the Devil for a length of time too ridiculous to mention here, and while this was going on my body was separated from my soul and while my soul stayed in Hell to be tortured my body was brought up to earth, where I had no empathy and little emotion and proceeded to lots of skeevy things, and then when my soul was finally rescued from Hell and reunited with my body Death put a wall in my mind so that I couldn’t remember parts of my life/death, and then a friend removed the wall in attempt to frighten my brother into going along with his highly questionable plan to endanger the world and then I was stuck in a dream sequence where I had to kill parts of myself in order to unite myself and then I woke up and was haunted by hallucinations of torture and of the Devil, who as previously discussed had tortured and raped me for a length of time too ridiculous to mention, and I wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t and my brother showed me what was real by causing me physical pain and now I know if I squeeze an injury I have on my hand my hallucination of the Devil disappears temporarily, although he always comes back, and you know what? I’m okay.”

Or as he says in Defending Your Life, “I kind of feel good.”