October 13th, 2013

buffy & sam

30 Days of Angel, Day #2

Day 2 - favourite male character.
Lindsey (I was fascinated by his non-redemption story in "Blind Date"), Wesley (I fell for him when he decided to kidnap Connor, that horrible betrayal out of love), Angel (not all the time, but every now and then), Connor (It was the moment I realized that he could see Jasmine's true face the entire time), and, of course, Spike. I wrote in my diary when I first watched Angel S5: I have a crush on Spike this season. I have never had a crush on Spike before. Loved him, identified with him, thought he was hot as hell, been fascinated by him, hated him, wanted to throw things at him, been disgusted by him, been delighted by him, rolled my eyes at him…never crushed on him.

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