November 20th, 2011

buffy & sam

Why Buffy didn't tell the Scoobies

*Warning for non-explicit discussion of Buffy and Spike's S6 relationship*

I've often heard fans complain that Buffy didn't tell the other Scoobies about how she had treated Spike in S6, even though they knew about a lot of Spike's bad behavior towards her (the stalking in S5 and the attempted rape in "Seeing Red"). I have some not-entirely-coherent thoughts on the matter that don't quite constitute an defense, mainly because I don't disagree with this complaint. I merely think that many of the complaints are overblown. I think Buffy should have told the Scoobies, for her own benefit as much as Spike's. I don't think it was fair that the Scoobies only knew the parts of the story that made Spike look bad. That said, given how much effort she put into making it up to Spike how badly she treated him, I'm not too upset about it (She certainly was a lot better about Spike in S7 then he was in AtS S5 when he encountered the soulless vampire that he had used and abused, but I digress). But still, I have thoughts that might make up a quasi-defense.

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