itsnotmymind (itsnotmymind) wrote,

Why I ship Buffy/Spike

Possibly I only ship this because I'm twisted, but I wouldn't have it any other way:

I like that Buffy has an inferiority complex about her superiority complex, and Spike just has a straight-up inferiority complex. I like the way his inferiority complex plays into her superiority complex, and vice versa, and that they’re really bad for each other except when they’re really good for each. I like that their relationship has so many sides to it. I like that they’ve been mortal enemies and best friends. I like their relationship has a quiet side, and an explosive side. A funny side, and an angsty side. A sweet side, and a horrifically abusive side. I like that the abuse went *both* ways. I like that they’ve had both kinky sex and chaste cuddling. I like that their relationship has been at times unbelievably trashy, and at other times over-the-top romantic. I like that he saved her life and would have died for her (did die for her) and tried to rape her. I like that she beat him down and called him a “thing”, and gave him the belief he needed to get through—days? Weeks? Of torture. I like that he’s a drama queen and she’s emotionally shutdown. I like that their relationship is so private. I like that she has such a hard time finding the words for their relationship. I like that he romanticizes everything. I like that it took her so long to believe him when he told her that he loved her, and that when she finally told him he didn’t believe her. I like that before they became what they are, he was a geeky poet and she was a shallow cheerleader. I like that they’re both enormous romantics underneath it all. I like that they are both mean, violent people. I like that they’ve both been in love before. I like that they knew each other a long time before there was any romantic interest. I like that their relationship keeps coming back to the same places. I like that it’s violent. I like that it’s weird. I like that it’s hard to explain. I like that they have so much in common and they both know it.
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