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Shipping Meme

Meme from takaraphoenix on tumblr.

Send me a number and a fandom(or just a number) and I will tell:

1.First ship you remember

2.Your newest ship

3. Favourite ship ever

4.Favourite m/f ship

5.Favourite m/m ship

6.Favourite f/f ship

7.Most innocent ship

8.Most fluffy ship

9.Most angsty ship

10. Most smutty ship

11. Ship that you would never have wanted in canon but like in fanworks

12.Character that you can only imagine in one ship

13.Most shippable character

14.Character that you can’t imagine in any ship

15.Favourite poly ship

16.Characters that you kinda ship but prefer as brotp

17.Characters that you ship and can’t imagine to be friends

18.Guilty pleasure ship

19.Ship that you never expected to ship.

20.Ship that you liked but don’t anymore

21.Ship that one day you were thinking of and thought “wait,when I started shipping it?”

22.Ship that you immediately fall in love with after one scene despite not considering it before.

23.Poly ship that you ship despite not shipping some of the characters in it outside of poly ship.

24.Biggest notp

25. Favourite foe yay ship

26. Characters that you like in every dynamic (lovers,friends,enemies)

27.Ship that you expected to ship before reading/watching franchise and you do

28.  Ship that you expected to ship before reading/watching franchise and you don’t

29.Favourite crossover ship

30.Favourite canon ship

31.Favourite non-canon ship

32.Favourite ship for hurt-comfort

33.Ship that you ship in one installment of franchise but not in other (for example in movie,but not in the book this movie is based on)

34.Ship that you never expected to ship when you were younger but here you are

35.Ship that you have kinda love/hate relationship with

36.Characters that you can’t decide if you prefer as ship or brotp

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