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Live Action Mulan

I watched the live action Mulan and I never wrote about it. I have some scattered thoughts:

While I enjoyed Mushu and the cricket in the animated film, I did not miss them in the live action.

I much prefer animated Mulan not being a natural soldier and having to work hard and use her brain. I don't know if Mulan having chi is truer to the original legend, but it made the story less engaging for me.

I did very much like Mulan having a younger sister. I don't like how fictional characters are disproportionately older siblings.

Although Mulan having a younger sister made me think about what kind of effect Mulan had on other women in her culture, which I never really thought of before. Does her existence change other women's lives, or is she just a special exception?

Which leads me to the witch character. I was very intrigued by her, but I don't know if I thought she was a good idea overall or not.

I love that Mulan's father is supportive in both the animated version and the live action. I like how live-action Hua Zhou remained proud of being a father of two daughters even when his lack of sons would lead to his death. But animated Fa Zhou's relationship with his daughter makes me cry - even as an adult. Live action Zhou didn't manage that.

That's all I have.
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