itsnotmymind (itsnotmymind) wrote,

Some Favorite Song Covers

Below the cut, some of my favorite covers.

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, covered by Sleeping At Last

An absolutely beautiful cover of the Police song. I prefer this version to the original.

Vincent, covered by Ellie Goulding

A lovely cover of the Don McLean song about Vincent Van Gogh.

Both Sides Now, covered by Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles

I didn't really listen to the lyrics of this Joni Mitchell song until I heard the Groban/Bareilles version. A very philosophical song with metaphors upon metaphors.

The A Team, covered by Birdy

A slow but beautiful cover of Ed Sheeran's song about a drug addict

Where the Streets Have No Name, covered by Vanessa Carlton

I love U2 and I love Vanessa Carlton, so of course I love this.

Tags: music

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