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Avatar Re-Watch Thoughts

I just finished my second re-watch (third watch) of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I have thoughts and opinions!

Zuko is still my favorite character, and Katara my second favorite.

My favorite season is Book 2.

My favorite episode is probably Zuko Alone, which I feel bad about, because I really love all the other characters! But it's just such a good episode.

The character I am most like is likely Toph.

My favorite fight scene is the one between Aang and Zuko in Bato of the Southern Water Tribe. My favorite battle is The Day of Black Sun.

My least favorite episode is probably The Headband - except I really like the Zuko & Iroh scenes. But the main plot of the episode does nothing for me, and it was weird to return to a situation-of-the-week type of plot when we hadn't had that since before Toph joined. I cared about the conflict between Katara and Sokka in The Painted Lady, but I just didn't care very much about The Headband.

The only scene that really makes me cry is between Katara and her father in The Awakening, when she admits how sad and angry and hurt she was when he left.

Zuko thoughts: I noticed before that Zuko, when he joins the gang, doesn't seem to get the concept of affectionate teasing. He gets really riled up when Sokka dismisses a firebending form as a "dance". What I noticed this time is that he seems to be getting over that by the beginning of the next episode. When he flubs his uncle's joke and the others laugh, he smiles a little. We never again see him yelling as much as he did to Aang in The Firebending Masters.

We see a bit of Ozai in Zuko when he attacks Aang in Sozin's Comet, Part 1: The Phoenix King. He even says he's teaching the Avatar a "lesson". He doesn't hurt Aang, but, as Katara points out, he could have. He was taking risks with Aang's safety.

I'm sure the reason he didn't tell the others about Ozai's big plan until he had to was because he was ashamed of being at that war meeting and not objecting.

Suki thoughts: I know we don't get a lot of her, but I really like Suki, and consider her one of the protagonists. Also, Suki/Sokka is the only romance I'm rooting for in the long run.
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