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Torchwood Fic: Christmas After Tommy

Title: Christmas After Tommy
Fandom: Torchwood
Warnings: None
Summary: Tosh remembering Tommy, Owen being surprisingly sensitive
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters

Tosh definitely did not mean to burst into tears.

It had started when she got angry. Owen had left a half-eaten sandwich at her station, again, and had the audacity to look confused when she yelled at him. Something about his face, the confusion, how could he not see why she was angry – and then she burst into tears.

It was just the two of them in the hub. Gwen had taken the day off, as any sane person would. Jack was following a trail, a possible alien sighting. Tosh had no idea where Ianto was.

But Owen, for once in his difficult life, did the right thing. He evened out his voice, and asked, "Tosh, what's wrong?”

"It's Christmas," Tosh said, wiping away her tears.

"I know. I remember Christmas last year, too. Don't remember you bringing on the waterworks."

"Tommy loved Christmas," Tosh said.

Owen said, "Oh." Yes, that was a conversation killer.

"He always regretted that he couldn't have been brought back on Christmas day. I was going to - I was going to get him something. A shirt, I don't know. I never did."

"You should have told Jack," Owen said. "We could've..."

Could have what? Celebrated Christmas in September? They didn't even celebrate it in December.

Tosh had a small tissue box at her station, pink and cube-shaped. She fumbled for a tissue and dabbed her eyes. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring this all up."

"It's OK," Owen said, and sounded like he meant it. "Though, Christ, I didn't know you still thought about him," he added, ruining the supportive vibe he'd had going.

"Not all the time," Tosh said. "But sometimes it just hits me. I just wish we'd done better by him, you know?"

"He had a crappy deal," Owen agreed, "but it wasn't our fault." He took a step towards Tosh, and reached out a hand, carefully, touched her arm as if she might bite. "Don't feel guilt over things you can't control."

It was, she knew, good advice. Maybe one day the pain would lessen enough so she could take it.
Tags: fic, torchwood

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