itsnotmymind (itsnotmymind) wrote,

Two Brief (Zuko-Related) Avatar Thoughts

1. I believe Iroh knew the guy in The Swamp was being an asshole – he was trying to make a point to Zuko that people can only humiliate you if you let them. Zuko didn’t get the message.

2. Re-watching The Deserter, it strikes me that Aang never taunts Zuko the way he does Zhao in this episode. I would expect it to be effective, but Aang doesn't do it. Aside from giggling the first time he hears the nickname "Zuzu", I don't think Aang mocks Zuko at all. I wonder if at some level he was aware that Zuko was more vulnerable than Zhao.
Tags: avatar: the last airbender

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