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Meme from Vampmorgs at BuffyForums

21 BtVS Questions

1. What is your favourite season for Buffy's character?
Season 6, which is the season she became my favorite character. I had a hard time liking her at first, which meant I loved her even more when I finally fell for her.

2. What is your favourite season for Willow's character?
Hard one, but despite some flaws in her arc, I'd go for S6 again.

3. What is your favourite season for Xander's character?
S6 (sensing a pattern here). As with Buffy, sometimes I had a hard time liking him (his scene with Buffy at the beginning of Seeing Red has caused me to literally swear at the screen on more than one viewing) which means I loved him more when I finally did like him.

4. What is your favourite season for Giles' character?
I kind of like him struggling to find his place in S4.

5. What is your favourite episode from each season of the show?
1. Out of Mind, Out of Sight
2. Passion
3. Anne
4. Restless
5. Fool for Love
6. Dead Things
7. Beneath You

6. What is your favourite Scooby season?
Despite like S6 for each Scooby individual, my favorite season for Scoobies as Scoobies is S2.

7. What is your favourite Bangel season?
S2 - Because he goes evil!

8. What is your favourite Ruffy season
S4, because Riley does not piss me off too much in S4, and I kind of like his storyline.

9. What is your favourite Spuffy season?
Season 6. The complications are AMAZING.

10. What is your favourite Faith episode?
If we are just looking at BtVS: Who Are You

11. Who is your favourite Big Bad?
I usually say the Fanged Four are my favorites, and of those only Angel was a big bad, so Angel. (Yes, I said Angel and not Angelus. Angel having a different name when he does not have a soul is a retcon that I only sometimes accept.)

12. What character do you feel is most underrated?
Right now, Riley. I'm not a huge fan, and I think he was a jerk about the break-up, but I think the amount of hate he gets is disproportionate.

13. What is your favourite "comedy" episode?
Something Blue

14. What is your favourite version of the opening credits?
Season 5, with Dawn, with or without Riley.

15. What is your favourite flashback?
The flashbacks in Fool for Love.

16. What character do you wish we saw more of?

17. What is your favourite episode out of Hush, Restless, The Body or OMWF?

18. What is your favourite set?
All the cemeteries.

19. What is your favourite fight scene?
Well, I do enjoy Glory throwing Buffy and Spike around like ragdolls, but the chosen two going at it was pretty exciting, too.

20. Willow/Oz or Willow/Tara?

21. Xander/Cordy or Xander/Anya?
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