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Questions from author_by_night

- Theories and/or headcanons (whether silly or serious or a bit of both - and yes, you can totally do this for closed canons)

BtVS - During the period in early S7 when Spike was staying with Xander and he and Buffy were not speaking, Spike ran into Clem in a bar. Clem revealed that Buffy had brought Dawn to Spike after Spike had left - after the attempted rape. Spike was stunned.

- Unpopular opinions (this doesn't need to be fandom specific)

SPN - When Sam went to college, I don't think he left Dean/cut off contact with Dean. Rather I think Dean, forced to choose between his father and brother, chose his father, and that led to a mutual estrangement between him and Sam.

- Characters you wish canon had done better by

Torchwood - I <3 Toshiko Sato, but I wish canon had done better by her. I wish she'd had more stories focused on her, and more stories not about her love life.

- Characters you think the canon creators liked too much

SPN - Crowley, Bobby, and Castiel
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