itsnotmymind (itsnotmymind) wrote,

Answers to Song Lyrics Meme

Song lyric meme is here. Answers are below the cut.

1. It's All Too Much - The Beatles
2. All I Want Is You - U2
3. Language of Fools - Tom Mcrae
4. Cry Baby Cry - The Beatles
5. Coming Around Again - Carly Simon
6. Oh Yoko! - John Lennon
7. Hey You - Shakira
8. All I Need - Heather Nova
9. In My Life - The Beatles
10. Quiero - Shakira
11. Figure of Eight - Paul McCartney
12. A Hazy Shade of Winter - Simon and Garfunkel
13. Not Coming Home - Maroon 5
14. Hercules - Sara Bareilles
15. The Sun - Maroon 5
Tags: meme, music

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