itsnotmymind (itsnotmymind) wrote,

Something I Did Not Know

Via the Sunnydale Herald, I found this article. It's a list of "10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed" on Buffy the Vampire. I was expecting to not learn anything new, and, indeed, 9 out of the ten details were old news to be.

But #2 was a surprise.

"When Faith swapped bodies with Buffy in Season 4, Faith used Joyce's credit card to book a flight out of Sunnydale.

"On the phone, the expiration date she gave for the card was 5-0-1. In other words, May 2001, a date that happened to coincide with Buffy’s Season 5 finale a year and a half later when Buffy sacrificed herself to save Dawn."

I never got that.
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