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TV Show Meme from frelling_tralk

1. if you could reboot one TV show, which one would it be?
2. if you could have saved one TV show from cancellation, which one would it be?

3. have you ever quit a show before it finished? why?
4. what's your comfort show?

5. which shows do you think are underrated and need more love?
6. have you ever been inspired to start a new show based on gifs or memes it has produced?
7. do you prefer week-to-week content, or just binging all in one go?
8. what’s one show you thought you’d hate but turned out to really enjoy?

9. what’s one show you thought you’d love but turned out to really hate?
10. which TV show has the best musical soundtrack, in your opinion?
11. have you ever watched a show just for a specific actor? did you enjoy it?
12. what genre of TV show is your favourite?
13. do you tend to stick to one type of TV show (eg, short-form comedy), or are you into many different genres?
14. have you ever written fanfiction for a TV show?
15. have you ever drawn fanart for a show?
16. are there any shows on your “to watch” list right now?
17. Netflix, Hulu, or Prime originals?
18. if you could be a guest star on any show, which one would it be?
19. if you could write your own TV show, what would it be like?
20. are you a fan of will-they-won’t-they plots?
21. how do you feel about bottle episodes?
22. do you prefer proper opening credits, or a simple title card?
23. favourite TV show theme song?
24. which actor do you think deserves an Emmy for their work on TV?
25. who would be your dream cameo on your favourite show?
26. do you tend to quote TV shows a lot? have you ever started using a word/phrase because of a TV show?
27. what’s one show you could probably write a 2,000 word essay on, and what would be your topic?
28. do you use subtitles while watching TV if you can?
29. what’s one show you could watch over and over?
30. would you be interested in trying a show in another language?
31. what are your top 5 shows right now?
32. who are your top 5 TV characters right now?
33. what TV character would you die for?
34. which TV show setting would you most like to visit?
35. do you prefer hour long episodes, or 30 minute?
36. do you prefer 22 episode seasons, or 13?
37. is there a show coming out soon that you’re really excited about?
38. if you could change 1 detail about any show, what would you change and why?
39. what’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever watched a show in one sitting?
40. what do you think is a good amount of seasons for a TV show?
41. if you could replace any actor on TV in playing their role, who would you like to play and why?
42. do you own any TV shows on DVD?
43. do you prefer to watch TV alone or with friends?
44. are there any shows you love but your friends aren’t interested in?
45. are there any shows your friends love but you aren’t interested in?
46. who are your favourite couples on TV?

Ask me whichever question(s) you like, and I’ll do my best to answer
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