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"She begged for her life" *warning for discussion of the attempted rape in Seeing Red*

Before their first battle in School Hard, Spike tells Buffy, "The last Slayer I killed... she begged for her life." As plenty of others have pointed out, this is a lie: Neither Nikki Wood nor the Boxer Rebellion slayer begged for anything.

But Buffy would.

There's been a lot of argument about whether Buffy's reaction to Spike's assault in Seeing Red, to beg and plead, was in character. I tend to see that it is within the realm of plausible characterization for Buffy. Which is to say, I bought it, because despite what she said she clearly did trust him - but I would also have bought it if she stayed calm and kicked him off more quickly. It comes down to a storytelling choice. And while Buffy begging and pleading worked better for Spike's story (I'm not sure he would have gotten that he'd done some truly wrong if she had been calmer), I'm less convinced it was the best choice overall.

I'm sure there was no intended connection between Seeing Red and School Hard Spike tell Buffy she doesn't seem like "the begging kind". But it interests me, anyway.
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