So Tosh is a Dickens Fan

I re-watched the first Torchwood episode, and it has been brought to my attention that not only is Tosh a Dickens fan, but specifically A Tale of Two Cities fan.

I hated that book.

In fairness it has been years and I can't recall why I hated it, but I definitely hated it!
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Something I Relate To

"Females with [Autism Spectrum Disorders] often develop “coping mechanisms” that can cover up the intrinsic difficulties they experience. They may mimic their peers, watch from the sidelines, use their intellect to figure out the best ways to remain undetected, and they will study, practice, and learn appropriate approaches to social situations. Sounds easy enough, but in fact these strategies take a lot of work and can more often than not lead to exhaustion, withdrawal, anxiety, selective mutism, and depression."

Zuko - Loyalty

Thinking about it recently, I realized that throughout his many changes Zuko is consistently a character who values loyalty. He pledges loyalty to his father and maintains it even after being burned and banished. He not only tries to capture Aang, but he even at one point intends to give Aang's staff as a gift to Ozai.

(I suspect the reason Iroh hands the staff to a crewmember rather than taking it to Zuko's quarters himself is jealousy - he certainly doesn't blame Zuko for his continued loyalty to Ozai, but it has to sting a little bit.)

Even after Zuko has come around and given up on being loyal to Ozai, he still values loyalty. He consistently names his betrayal of his uncle as the worst thing he ever did - that Iroh was loyal to him, but he did not return the favor.
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Only Child?

It just struck me this morning that Avatar: The Last Airbender doesn't fall into the pattern common among TV shows of making the majority of characters only children. Of the main characters, the only only child I can think of is Toph. Sokka and Katara have each other. Aang had such an unusual upbringing that we don't know if he had siblings. Zuko and Azula had each other, as in the previous generation did Iroh and Ozai. Mai has a little brother - Ty Lee has a lot of sisters.

Lu Ten was an only child, so there is another one, but it isn't the default as it is on many shows.

Two Brief (Zuko-Related) Avatar Thoughts

1. I believe Iroh knew the guy in The Swamp was being an asshole – he was trying to make a point to Zuko that people can only humiliate you if you let them. Zuko didn’t get the message.

2. Re-watching The Deserter, it strikes me that Aang never taunts Zuko the way he does Zhao in this episode. I would expect it to be effective, but Aang doesn't do it. Aside from giggling the first time he hears the nickname "Zuzu", I don't think Aang mocks Zuko at all. I wonder if at some level he was aware that Zuko was more vulnerable than Zhao.