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My fanfiction

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"Cordelia"'s Acting

"Cordelia"'s acting goes noticeably downhill once it is revealed to the viewers that she's a bad guy.


Still Re-Watching Angel Season 4

So why did the writers decide to make Connor 18, anyway? The age gap between him and Cordy would definitely be more noticeable if he was 16 or 17, and he would be more of a teenager. Was it so possessed!Cordy would not be guilty of statutory rape? Because they cared about that so much when Buffy was sleeping with Angel at seventeen. Come to think of it, how would the characters even know for sure how old Connor was? Did Holtz have an effective way to track his age in the middle of a hell dimension?


7 Icons from Citizen Kane

The greatest movie of all time, if you go by the American Film Institute's reckoning.

Feel free to take, just comment and credit.

*Spoiler warning* One icon is from late in the movie, and may contain spoilers

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Angel the Series: Salvage

Still watching Angel season four, partway through Salvage. Two brief thoughts:

1. I like the idea of Faith/Gunn.

2. How does Faith know nothing about Connor? Had Angel not visited her in awhile? Had he somehow failed to mention his son? Does make me wonder how often Angel visited her, and what they talked about.

Connor/Cordelia: Age Gap?

I'm stilling rewatching AtS season four, finished Awakening. Here's something I don't understand: why do people keeping making comments as if Cordelia is so much older than Connor? If she's Buffy's age, she's 21-22 to Connor's 18. That's only three or four years. Connor/Cordelia is squicky because she used to change his diapers and has a thing for his dad, but there isn't match of an age gap there.


Re-Watching Angel: Lorne

I'm doing partial re-watch of Angel the series, just finished Spin the Bottle (love that episode, so funny!). The thing that strikes me the most is I actually like Lorne this time. Lorne is traditionally one of my least favorite characters in the Buffyverse, but...I really felt for him in The House Always Wins. I'm actually connecting to him in a way I never have before.


You Took My Son!

Also, something that has always bothered me: At the end of Forgiving, Angel tries to murder a hospital patient in his bed and has to be dragged off by multiple people. And he's not...in trouble with the law, or anything?


Wesley's Mistake

I'm rewatching the last several episodes of angel Season 3 - Couplet onward, where it gets GOOD. It really strikes me that Wesley's big mistake is not taking Connor - it's talking to Holtz. He was very right to be concerned about the prophecy, and taking Connor away from Angel makes sense given what he knew. If he hadn't spoken to Holtz, he might have been able to get Connor somewhere safe.


[Mildest of Spoilers]I am so proud of myself for correctly identifying music box version of Erlkönig before the characters named it.



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