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Every piece of fanfiction that I've written under this identity.

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Sam's nickname of "Sammy" has a lot of complicated implications. I've seen fans try to oversimplify it to both extremes: That it's a nickname of pure affection, or one of pure contempt. But it appears to me that the way it's used on the show, primarily by Dean, is more complicated than that.

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10 Favorite Characters Meme

Doing that meme where you list your ten favorite characters in ten fandoms. I was not actually cool enough to be tagged, but am doing it anyway. Consider yourself tagged if it pleases you.

The hardest part is picking fandoms. I had to reach back to my adolescence - makes me feel young. Of course I skipped over many stories I consider myself fannish about. I couldn't make them work for various reasons: no specific favorite character, too few characters, fandom actually involves actual human beings and not fictional characters, etc. Also, the whole shared universe aspect was at times confusing to my poor little brain.

But I thought of enough fandoms and characters. Here is my list, in no particular order:

1. BtVS: Buffy Summers
2. Torchwood: Dr. Owen Harper
3. Supernatural: Sam Winchester
4. Jessica Jones: Jessica Jones
5. Runaways: Karolina Dean
6. The Riddlemaster Trilogy: Deth
7. The Vampire Diaries: Anna
8. The West Wing: Leo McGarry
9. The Lord of the Rings: Pippin
10. Spider-Man comics: Mary Jane Watson


Forty Years is No Time At All

Back when I was reading more extensively in Supernatural fandom, there were a number of Sam fans who argued that Dean's behavior towards Sam was abusive. My opinion on that particular argument is too complicated and muddled and confused for a public LJ post, especially given how sensitive the subject matter is.

However, there is one thing I observed among some of those fans that made me raise my eyebrows.

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Not long after Do You Believe in Miracles? first aired, a fan compared the episode to The End. Specifically, this fan compared the plan to have Dean fight Metatron while Castiel and Gadreel found the angel table to 2014!Dean's plan in The End to trick his people into going to their deaths as a distraction for him going around the back to kill Lucifer. This was, to be clear, intended as a criticism of Sam, Cas, and Gadreel. That they were using a loved one much the same way future Dean in The End had used his loved ones. This fan at one point explicitly stated that this was a sign that Sam and Cas were becoming darker.

This comparison between the two episodes doesn't work for me, and I'm going to talk about why.

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All About Eve Icons

27 icons from the 1950 movie All About Eve.

Take if you wish, just comment and credit.

Icon table from sql_girl's Icon Table Generator.

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BtVS S5 Rewatch

I've been rewatching Buffy season five, and just finished Into the Woods. Some thoughts on the season so far:

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Favorite Supernatural Episodes per Season

My favorite SPN episodes in each season. Since I haven't watched any of S11, I won't include any from that season.
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I've seen many Spike fans argue over the years that there are gender double standards in how Buffy treats Spike in S6.

For example, that the writers and fans would have handled it differently if a male character shoved a female character into a wall and started having sex with her, or if a male character beat his lover as badly as Buffy beat Spike in Dead Things.

I agree with some of these arguments, and not with others. Here are my current thoughts about gender double standards and violence on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A lot of this is about Buffy/Spike, but also some other characters and situations. Sometimes Spike fan criticisms are on the now. But sometimes, as I'll show you below, the gender double standard actually seems to be the opposite of the one that the Spike fan is arguing. And even when they are accurate, when there is an undeniable gender double standard where female violence against men is more acceptable, I can't help but notice that these criticisms seem to only come up when the victim is Spike. When a less sympathetic character is the victim of gender double standards about violence, you can dance in the silence.

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Username Music Meme

From multiple people. One song for each letter of my bizarre and ridiculous and rather long username.

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